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  • Bathymetric Mapping / Modeling
  • Beaver Dam Removal
  • Biocell Remediation
  • Bushhogging
  • Catch Basin Cleanouts
  • Catch Basin Installation
  • CEPSCI Inspctions
  • Confined Space Operations
  • Dam Inspections
  • Detention Pond Inspections
  • Detention Pond & Retention Pond Mowing & Vegetation Management
  • Dredging of Ponds, Lakes, Creeks, Rivers
  • Drone Inspection of Facilities
  • Engineered Fill / Stabilized Earth Backfill
  • Erosion Control
  • Fence Construction
  • Forestry Mulching
  • Herbicide Applications by Licensed Applicator
  • Hydro Excavating to expose and work around buried utilities
  • Hydroseeding
  • Orthomosaic Mapping via Drone
  • Pipe Inspections via Rover
  • Pipe Joint Grouting
  • Pond & Lake Inspections (recreational ponds)
  • Potholing via hydrovac to safely expose buried utilities
  • Retention Pond Inspections
  • Retaining Wall Construction & Repairs
  • Sediment Removal from pipes & waterways
  • Sewer Jetting (Storm sewers, gutters, downspouts, underground downspout tie-ins)
  • Sewer Camera Scoping (Storm sewers, underground downspout tie-ins)
  • Silt Fence Installation
  • Siphon Installation & Repairs
  • Site Inspections
  • Site Work
  • Slope Mowing
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Spillway Replacement
  • Street Sweeping
  • Storm Drain Replacement (4" and 6" residential-grade storm drains)
  • Storm Drain Replacement (large diameter piping)
  • Stormwater Runoff Analysis via Laser
  • SWPPP Compliance & Maintenance
  • Titration Testing for Water Quality Analysis
  • Trash Rack fabrication & repair
  • Tree Removal from Dams and Slopes
  • Trenching (via excavator or hydro-excavator)
  • Underground Detention Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Underground Utility Location Services (on private property)
  • Vegetation Management in Right of Ways, Easements, New Development Homesites, Et cetera
  • Walking Trail Installation & Maintenance
  • WQD / Water Quality Device Replacement & Sewer Jetting

Bathymetric Mapping

Using Sonar to Create Underwater Topographic Maps

Bathymetric Mapping is the process of creating a map of the underwater portion of a lake or pond.  The finished result is reminicent of a topo map you'd use to go hiking with.  There are a number of reasons why you may need to know what the bottom of your lake looks like.  Over time, leaves and sediment can reduce the depth of your ponds and lakes.  In addition, if you're using chemicals to treat the water in your pond, you need to know how many gallons of water are in the body of water.

We use one of three different boats to create your Bathymetric Map.  Dependant on the size of your water body, we have a 19' Key West center console boat for large bodies of water, a 15' Alumacraft jon boat for medium-szied water bodies, and a 10' Pelican Sea Kayak for small-to-medium bodies.  Our boats are equipped with a sonar device similar to a fish-finder, except that this device logs GPS waypoints complete with depth-data.  At the end of each mission we upload the waypoints into a program which yields a bathymetric model of your water body.  From there we're able to calculate metrics such as accumulated sediment, total pool volume, etc.  This bathymetric image can also be superimposed atop aerial drone models to give you a holistic view of your pond or lake.  

Beaver Dam Removal

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director

Beavers are cute... Until they're not

Beavers are some of nature's most amazing creatures.  They have the ability to build dams which are strong enough to hold back millions of gallons of water.  This sounds pretty cool until they build a dam around your pond's outlet, causing your dam to overtop and erode.  

We use a one-two punch to legally and safely eradicate beavers from your property while also removing the dams which threaten your flood-control infrastructure.  We bring in a wildlife control expert to trap and relocate your furry friends.  We then use low-impact equipment to remove the dams, thus restoring your property to its original state.  

These photos are from a recent beaver dam removal project we completed.  

Biocell Remediation

Biocells Require Regular Maintenance

Biocells, also known as "rain gardens" or "LID's / low-impact developments" can facilitate the infiltration of up to 90% of stormwater into the ground.  These BMP's are very efective at treating stormwater runoff.  Still, these stormwater BMP's require ongoing maintnenace in order to function at peak operating capacity.  

We offer a variety of services to keep your biocells operating properly.  After conducting an inspection, we will make recommendations,  The most common maintenance includes removing unwanted vegetation, addressing erosion, pulling mulch away from drains and sewer-jetting the underground piping.

Bush Hogging

Rough-cut Mowing of Wide Open Areas

Depending on the scope of your property to be mowed, we have several machine options in our fleet to get it done.  

For most bush hogging jobs we use a 72" diameter CID mowing deck mated to a 95hp 12,000lbs Kubota track loader.  This setup is capable of shredding trees up to 4" diameter and can navigate slopes up to 35 degrees.  

For areas with substantial tree growth, we employ an FAE forestry mulcher head which mates to the Kubota and will turn literally any size tree into mulch. 

For low-impact, swampy, and moderate slope areas, we have two Ventrac 4500-series slope mowers each mated to a 66" tough-cut mowing deck.  These machines can mow through 3" diameter trees and woody growth on slopes up to 30 degrees and through swampy areas by exerting minimal ground pressure.

For extreme slopes and hard to reach areas, we have a 48" Bushmaster cutting head mated to a 13,000 lbs excavator.  This machine is able to navigate 35-degree slopes and reach out more than 20 feet to cut around guard rails, telephone poles, fences, rip rap, culverts, and other obstacles. 

We offer hourly rates or fixed whole-job pricing to suit your needs.

FAE Cutting Head

Catch Basin Maintenance 

We offer cleanouts, installation, and repairs

We offer hydro-vacuum service to remove accumulated sediment from your catch basins.  If your stormwater system isn't working the way you think it should, perhaps your pipes or basins are obstructed with sediment.  

On several recent projects we removed over 30" of sediment from basins.  The material was preventing water from flowing down into the pipes, and causing surface flooding in a commercial parking lot.  
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director

CEPSCI Inspections

Our Technicians are DHEC-licensed Inspectors

Most of our stormwater technicians are licensed Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspectors (CEPSCI).  This distinction includes a license granted by DHEC.  Our CEPSCI Inspectors focus on construction-phase practices, but can also easily apply the same principles to your post-construction phase property as well to help you reduce pollution and erosion.

Confined Space Operations

OSHA-Certified Contractor

Some of our operations are performed in dangerous environments which require special tools and training.  Whenever entering a confined space such as a catch basin or manhole, certain protocol exist to address the hazards that come with these territories.  These environments harbor dangerous gases,  can be devoid of oxygen suitable to sustain human life, and also have fall-hazards in addition to any other hurdles brought to the table when conducting construction.

Our policies help protect our employees as well as shield your organization from liability in the event of an accident or incident.  Our stormwater technicians have completed OSHA Confined Space Entry courses applicable to every given job.  We also employ the latest technologies in gas-monitoring to ensure that every team member goes home safely at the end of the day.

When you select a stormwater & environmental contractor, make sure they comply with all OSHA laws and regulations.  You simply can't afford not to. 

Dam Inspections

Dams Require Regular Maintenance & Inspections

No matter whether your property holds a large lake or pond or a dry detention pond, they all have a dam, and every dam should be inspected at least annually. 

Regular inspections help keep you aprised of any maintenance issues required.  Catching an issue before it becomes a problem will save you money.  Issues such as erosion and seeps don't get better over time- they only get worse.  

Our technicians are trained in inspection practices endorsed by FEMA, as well as state and local agencies to help you uncover issues before they become full-blown public safety problems.

We do not charge a fee for inspections - Helping you solve problems is part of our mission.

Detention & Retention Pond Inspections

Annual Inspections Are Required by your Local Government 

Depending on where you live, your city, county, and state agencies have phased-in stormwater compliance guidelines within the past 3 decades.  Although the laws continue to evolve with science and best management practices, they all serve a common goal:  To improve the environment by reducing human-influence on our lands and waterways.  

All new developments are required to accommodate and process the stormwater runoff generated from each site.  In many suburban areas, above-ground detention ponds are the preferred method for stormwater treatment.  In more urban areas, underground detention is employed.  No matter your facilities, your stormwater imfrastructure should be inspected at least once per year by a qualified inspector and the records retained.

Our technicians are licensed in BMP or Best Management Practice Inspection.  We offer complimentary inspections of your ponds and will provide you with a detailed 10-page report that a technician will discuss with you to help educate you about your facility.  

Detention / Retention Pond Vegetation Management

The Most Advanced Fleet in the Upstate

Your stormwater ponds require regular "mowing" in order to keep woody growth at bay, and to keep them in peak operating condition.  In the absence of special circumstances, 2-3 visits per year is adequate to keep things in good shape.  The less frequent the visits, the more expensive each visit will cost.

We have an extensive fleet of slope mowers and vegetation management equipment to suit your specific site.  Stormwater ponds typically contain heavy concentrations of pathogens, pollutants, and snakes.  Our equipment ensures that we can maximize human safety while minimizing your costs and liability.  

Our Vegetation Management Fleet:
   -Ventrac 4500Z Slope Mower w/ Bush Hog Deck
   -Ventrac 4500P Slope Mower w/ Bush Hog Deck
   -Kubota SVL95S Track Loader with 72" Bush Hog
   -Kubota SVL95H Track Loader with 72" Forestry Mulcher Head
   -Kubota KX057 Track Hoe with 48" Bush Hog Head
   -Takeuchi TB260 Track Hoe
   -Scag 72" zero turn
   -Toro 60" zero turn
   -Walk-behind Mower

Many of our competitors send a crew of men into your pond with string-trimmmers.  This is not only a liability for your organization but also doesn't do a proper job of chopping up the vegetation in your ponds.  Our enclosed-cab equipment is able to chop up the biomass which reduces the likelihood of it clogging your outlets.

Just as importantly, most of our competitors will cut down your trees but leave the stumps behind.  These trees immediately start to grow again.  Depending on the site application, we can either pluck the stumps from the ground with an excavator or treat them with an appropriately-labeled herbicide to prevent regrowth.  Only licensed pesticide applicators can legally apply such herbicides.  We want you to choose the best contractor for your needs, but please make sure to ask your contractor how they will handle the stumps in your pond. 

Lastly all pond-mowing contracts include free annual inspections at no cost.  In the event of a failed inspection we will also come to your aid to help guide you through the remediation process.  Our goal is to help you help the environment while reducing your stress. 


Periodic Sediment Removal is Required

Bacteria and sediment are the most common pollutants in our waterways.  All water bodies require periodic dredging.  We have the tools necessary to help you with your dredging project.  

Drone Inspections

FAA-Licensed for Commercial Drone Operations

Drones continue to play a bigger role in our society.  They'll soon be delivering your Amazon packages and they're already helping the construction industry in many ways.  We employ drones to help us map and document stormwater & environmental projects.  We use different software applications to build orthomosaic maps of your site, as well as to calculate cut / fill, stockpile, and dredge quantities.  We also offer aerial imaging for clients who want to document construction-progress.  Drones also allow us to access parts of your stormwater infrastructure that might be obscured by trees or growth.  

As an FAA-licensed commercial drone operator, we take safety seriously, for good reason.  Drones are classified as unmanned aircraft and there are hundreds of laws that apply to their operation to ensure the safety of pilots, bystanders, and other aircraft.  

Engineered Fill

Equipped for any soil type

Many sites and applications require specialized knowledge and equipment to properly navigate the soil conditions.  When installing pipes and underground utilities it becomes necessary to properly compact the backfill to achieve acceptable compaction.  Other sites may suffer from sandy soils which have difficulty holding a slope.  In these cases we employ geotextile and geogrid fabrics to tie everything together.  

Where necessary we also employ a third-party soil technician to test our work. This ensures it's been built property and gives you peace of mind. 

Erosion Control

The Upstate's Experts in Erosion Control

There are many ways to control erosion, including hydroseeding, silt fence, slope interruption devices, and more.  

We offer a myriad of choices for your specific application.

Fence Construction

Sometimes Good Fences DO Make Good Neighbors

The world is full of things you'd rather not deal with- new construction next to your house, an unsightly stormwater retention pond in your subdivision, and that guy who likes to have heated arguements about his political beilefs on Facebook.  You can't change everything, but you can build a fence so you don't have to see it. 

We support a two-step approach to dealing with retention ponds and detention ponds in crowded settings.  First, we recommend doing regular maintenance on your ponds, and:  Second, in some cases its best to hide the stormwater facility from view with some type of fence.  

Living fences, such as those composed of Arborvitae or similar trees, can provide 100% visual obstruction of a pond within 1-3 years depending on planting density and watering.  We also construct and stain 4', 6', and 8' privacy fences of any style. 

No matter which option you choose, sometimes a fence is a good investment.

Forestry Mulching

We use an FAE Head for Maximum Productivity

Forestry Mulchers have many different names, but they are drum-style vegetation mowers which turn trees, grass, and underbrush into mulch.  They're a convenient way to eliminate woody vegetation while also disposing of the waste in an environmentally friendly manor.  

The resulting mulch also serves as erosion control.  On some sites, this temporary erosion control is sufficient and reduces your costs.  

Herbicide Application

Make sure your Contractor is a Licensed Applicator

Herbicides are powerful and can be an efficient way to deal with vegetation, but they are also dangerous.  All 50 states require a pesticide license in order to apply any pesticide, including Roundup, on anyone's property other than your own.  Ask your Contractor for a copy of their pesticide license.  This will help protect you, your pets, and your neighbors. 

Hydro-Vacuum Excavation

Dig Safely Around Utilities and Landscape Plantings

Hydro excavation is the process of using pressurized water to dig through soils.  The resulting slurry is then vacuumed away, leaving a clean excavation.  State laws prohibit digging within 24" of any utility, including electrical, gas, telephone, cable, water, and sewer.  The only SAFE way to excavate around utilities is with vacuum excavation.  We also offer potholing, which is the process of using the hydro excavator to create vertical shafts to expose existing utilities.  This allows you to safely dig around the utilites once you've determined their exact whereabouts.

We use a 50-hp diesel trailer-mounted unit that we can transport to your jobsite.  We serve commercial, industrial, and residential clients with hydro-excavation services, including other contractors.  Grassy Creek is one of only 11 companies statewide registered with SC811 to provide private utility locator services, and is proudly the only company located in Upstate South Carolina to offer these services. 


The Most Effective Way to Establish New Turf

Whether for erosion control or to establish a new lawn, hydro seeding is an excellent alternative to sod.  With an average cost-savings of 70% as compared to laying sod, hydroseeding can yield mirror-quality results within just a few weeks.  

We own both a 750-gallon and a 200-gallon hydroseed unit to meet the needs of our individual clients.  We currently service the construction industry, developers, builders, commercial and residential alike.  We also offer wholesale B2B discounts for business clients. 

We use only premium-quality seeds and supplies from the best suppliers.  We can custom blend a mixture for your specific needs. 

Pipe Inspections

We Offer Manned and Robotic Inspections

Video inspections of your underground utilities are the best way to determine their condition.  Pipes larger than 18" can, if necessary, be inspected in person via confined space entry.  Pipes smaller than that require remote inspection.  We have several options including a custom-fabricated inspection dolly that holds a gimbal-stabilized camera for smooth video.  

Many pipes suffer from pipe joint failure- either due to natural forces of erosion or to improper installation.  A video inspection will arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Pipe Joint Grouting

Many Pipe Joints Fail Over Time & Cause Expensive Damage

Flowing water has powerful erosive properties.  It is very common for pipe joints to fail, either due to improper installation or natural forces.  These failures can be isolated or global.  Global failures commonly result in sinkholes which are not detected until they get pretty big.

The most cost-effective fix for pipe joint loss is generally to patch the joints with an appropriate hydraulic cement.  Properly patched, this fix can be considered permanent.

Pond & Lake Inspections

The Upstate's only Master Pond Manager Specializing in Stormwater Ponds

As a Clemson University Master Pond Manager, we have many tools at our disposal to test and diagnose your ponds.  We offer titration testing in addition to detail visual inspections to help you keep your ponds and lakes in peak operating condition. 

Retaining Wall Construction

An ICPI & NCMA Licensed Contractor

Anyone can build a retaining wall- Anyone can build a wall that will fail over time.  The only way to safely build and repair retaining walls that will stand the test of time is by using someone properly trained in their construction. Using improper techniques can result in global failure which will cost you more in the long run.

For example, using cement or concrete to fill the blocks of a segmental retaining wall is an example of unapproved construction techniques.  Segmental retaining wall (SRW) systems gain a great deal of their strength from their ability to flex and move.  Tying a wall together, as described, will instead cause the entire wall to fail over time.  Then, you'll be replacing the entire wall instead of a few failed blocks.  

Make sure your contractor is properly trained for the job at hand.  

Sewer Jetting

We can jet any sized pipes from 3" to Infinity

Our sewer jetting equipment is capable of clearing most common clogs in your systems.  Whether you need your underground downspouts cleaned out, or your storm sewer system or underground vaults cleared, we have the equipment to help. 

Silt Fence Installation

Installation & Maintenance Packages Available

We offer three kinds of standard silt fence:  

-Hogwire-backed silt fence with metal T-posts:  This protocol is standard in most current-day construction projects.  Most engineers specify that posts are spaced every 6' with flaps buried.

-Legacy silt fence with metal T-posts:  This design is acceptable for certain residential sites and as allowable by local codes.

-Legacy silt fence with oak (wooden) 2x2 posts:  This design is acceptable for temporary sites as well as certain residential sites.

We offer hourly, daily, and monthly maintenance packages to keep your site in compliance with environmental laws after the installation.  

We also offer newer, state of the art systems for low impact construction, such as mulch-filled logs in place of silt fence.  These technologies are now accepted in place of silt fence in many situations and can substantially decrease your maintenance costs while decreasing environmental impact. 

Siphon & Spillway Repairs

Routine Maintenance or Emergency Repairs

We offer ongoing maintenance for your pond siphons, such as sewer jetting.  We also provide inspection, maintenance, and repairs on legacy spillway types.  

Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMP) are still used today in construction but have a limited lifespan due to corrosion.  Many pipes fail after 20+ years and must be replaced.  We have the skills and experience to safely repair or replace your infrastructure with minimal impact to your pond or lake. 

Site Inspections

A Stormwater Inspection Catered to Meet Your Needs

We offer a wide variety of services in the stormwater, environmental, and site work vein.  We want to help you keep your infrastructure in peak operating condition no matter if that infrastructure is a network of gutter downspouts in an HOA townhome development or an underground stormwater sewer system.  

We offer complimentary site consultations to address many needs of our clients. 

Site Work

Site Work Solutions for Builders, Developers, and General Contractors

Any of our services can be tailored into a package that suits the needs of your organization.  From rough grading to erosion and sediment control, from potholing to street sweeping- we want to work with you to devise an operating agreement that is the basis of a long-term work relationship.  

We provide all degrees of on-site environmental compliance & stormwater BMP maintenance services to help you stay compliant with your SWPPP agreements.  

We offer competitive rates and professional service.  Our service area is 150-miles from Greenville, South Carolina. 

Slope Mowing

The Most Advanced Slope Mowing Fleet in Upstate South Carolina

We've spent years figuring out what works and what doesn't work for mowing vegetation on slopes.  There are many technologies available to get the job done- humans, track loaders, robotic mowers, etc...

The fact is some things work well and others don't; and no one solution is best in every single application.  That's why we have a diversified fleet of equipment available at all times to meet the needs of your property.  No other locally-based company can say the same.  

Our Vegetation Management Fleet:
   -Ventrac 4500Z Slope Mower w/ Bush Hog Deck
   -Ventrac 4500P Slope Mower w/ Bush Hog Deck
   -Kubota SVL95S Track Loader with 72" Bush Hog
   -Kubota SVL95H Track Loader with 72" Forestry Mulcher Head
   -Kubota KX057 Track Hoe with 48" Bush Hog Head
   -Takeuchi TB260 Track Hoe
   -Scag 72" zero turn
   -Toro 60" zero turn
   -Walk-behind Mower

Storm Drain Replacement

We repair and replace drains from 3" to 72" diameter

We have the skills and equipment to repair and replace underground storm drains of all sizes.

Many HOA developments are finding that their 4" underground downspouts have been inundated by tree roots and rocks over time.  We are frequently called in to conduct sewer-jetting on these types of infrastructure.  In many cases, however, older pipes must simply be replaced at a certain point.  We have the tools to soft-excavate and get the landscape back to original condition.  

For any number of reasons, larger storm sewer pipes may need to be replaced.  We have the experience to get the job done.  

Underground Utility Locating

We can help you locate your private utilities

Did you know?- When you call 8-1-1 to have your utilities marked, they don't locate any utilities which are privately-owned.  We offer location services, both via electromagnetic detention, and via hydro excavation vacuum / potholing techniques. 

Walking Trail Installation

Serving Businesses and Private Citizens Alike

We've installed numerous walking & hiking trails in the Upstate and we can help you too.  After consulting GIS maps & building plats to determine the best route, we can using our forestry muicher to install a low-impact environmentally friendly mulched walking trail in your subdivision or on your property.