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DHEC-licensed Inspectors
Grassy Creek is certified and licensed by the State of South Carolina to provide erosion control & sediment control inspections pursuant to US EPA & DHEC regulations. Annual inspections are not only required by law- they help identify problems before they get out of hand & become costly.

Inspection Services Offered:
  -Erosion & sediment Control
  -Post-construction BMP
  -Retention & detention ponds
  -Dam Inspections 
  -Bathymetric modeling / mapping
  -Drone-assisted by FAA-licensed
       commercial pilot
  -Orthomosiac aerial 3D mapping
Retention Pond & Dam Management
Although we offer a wide array of stormwater and environmental services, regular maintenance of dams and ponds is our niche and is often overlooked or minimized by property owners. 

It is important to maintain your stormwater basins- not only for the benefit of the environment but also because not doing so will cost you so much more in the long run.  
B2B Solutions
We work with developers, property managers, contractors, engineers, and HOA's to maintain dams, retention ponds, stormwater infrastructure, and associated BMP's on properties under their responsibility.

We offer competitive pricing solutions to help keep you operating in the black without the hassle of dealing with issues such as out-of-control vegetation, sediment, & erosion.
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  1. NALP Member
    NALP Member
  2. BBB Accredited Business
    BBB Accredited Business
  3. Clemson University Master Pond Manager Graduate
    Clemson University Master Pond Manager Graduate
  4. DHEC-licensed Inspectors
    DHEC-licensed Inspectors
  5. FAA Commercially-licensed Drone Pilots
    FAA Commercially-licensed Drone Pilots
  6. Member of WEASC
    Member of WEASC

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