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  1. Meet the CEO
    Meet the CEO
    Grassy Creek is managed by Will Richter. Will is a retired public servant- having spent a combined 25 years as a police officer and firefighter. Today Will continues his passion for serving others in the private sector. In addition to his role as CEO, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Julie Valentine Center- Greenville's rape crisis center, and also serves on the Government Affairs Committee at the USAA. He's happiest when he's outdoors playing in the dirt.
  2. For Property Managers, Property Owners, and HOA's
    If you're in this category, you trust your landscapers to keep your properties looking good. Stormwater infrastructure, such as retention ponds and dams, are typically the most neglected part of any property. Even many top-notch landscape companies lack the training needed to maintain a retention pond. You may not notice until its too late- you get a violation notice from DHEC to bring your pond or dam into compliance. We deliver real-world solutions at a fair price.
  3. Who We Are - Providing Business-to-Business Solutions
    Who We Are - Providing Business-to-Business Solutions
    It's a simple fact: dams, retention ponds and other stormwater BMP's are commonly neglected and not kept in compliance with laws. Most contractors don't have the right equipment or the specialized training to keep them up to code. We employ DHEC-licensed Inspectors to verify the condition of your infrastructure, develop a proposal to correct the deficiencies, & then bring your property into proper working order & compliance.
  4. Service Areas
    Service Areas
    We provide retention pond and dam management services to a three-state area including the following metro areas within a 150-mile air-radius: Asheville NC, Atlanta, GA, Brevard NC, Charlotte NC, Flat Rock NC, Hendersonville NC, Mills River NC, Saluda NC, Anderson SC, Campobello SC, Central SC, Clemson SC, Duncan SC, Easley SC, Greenville SC, Greer SC, Landrum SC, Lyman SC, Moore SC, Seneca SC, Pelzer SC, Piedmont SC, Powdersville SC, Spartanburg SC.
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